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Oscar has been nicknamed “Manager of the Stars” or "King of the Product Placement. He provides International Celebrities to the most important brands in the world and can do the most important product placement operations in the movie industry.

All over the world, the name Oscar Generale and A List “Celebrities” are always associated in the same breath. 

Oscar is a"Zip Man" being the link between the most important and biggest Companies in the world and the Stars of Hollywood, providing International A list Celebrities to the most famous and important brands in the world finalizing the most important product placement operations in the advertisement and movie industries as: John Travolta, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Al Pacino. Celebrities that become Testimonials of the “ Made in Italy”and not only, the realm of luxury items, becoming the symbol of big Companies such as Gianfranco Ferre’ with Julia Roberts.

OSCAR GENERALE and OSCAR GENERALE PRODUCTIONS are very well known for being great supporters of charity causes as AmFar founded by Elizabeth Taylor and the cause of Haiti with APJ (Peace and Justice) founded by the Academy Award Paul Haggis. 

OSCAR GENERALE PRODUCTIONS is located in the most strategic, prestigious and influential fashion – economic – business centre: Los Angeles (in the heart of Beverly Hills) where there are offices of his in-house Production. 

Oscar in collaboration with the jewelry brand Chopard organized the exposition during Cannes Film Festival ed. 2012 of 25 unpublished photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Green which had a worldwide success because after Cannes, Chopard decided to exhibit the 25 photographs in its boutiques all over the world, creating a traveling exhibition.

He is organizing the exposure of the Lucan Self-Portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci in New York and Milan, too.

Not only he involves himself in publicity utilizing classical formats, but he is a producer too: he was the Executive producer in the movies “Yellow” directed by Dario Argento with Adrien Brody and Emanuelle Seigner, “ Give’ em Hell Malone “ directed by Russell Mulcahy with Thomas Jane and Elsa Pataky and “ Casino Jack” directed by George Hickenlooper starring Kevin Spacey e Kelly Preston, “Tokarev” starring Nicholas Cage and Danny Glover.

Oscar works very closely to Andrea Bocelli and he is producing a movie based on Andrea Bocelli’ s life, from 0 to 34 years old when he begun having problems with his eyes. The story is based on Andrea Bocelli’ s book “The Music of Silence” which sold million of copies all over the world and collaborated with Andrea Bocelli on his last video “Nelle tue Mani” - (Now we are free)- .

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